Fat Wave Art Print Limited Edition

'Fat Wave' is a limited edition art print of a painting by Lawrence Dyer. It depicts a wave observed in the Tremoutha Haven vicinity of the greater Crackington Bay.

The glassy clarity of the water at Crackington Haven is glimpsed between the jags of reflected sky that glitter the surface of the Atlantic there and join together into larger sheets when the sea calms for a moment between the waves.

Sometimes waves are long, their tottering wall of green-blue will strech right across the Haven, then breaking in places or at either end where they hit the rocks, the broken water quickly joining up to form a continuous ribbon of white water that rolls into shore.  In this case, however, the wave is alone, created by a swell hitting the rocky side. I spotted it out near Tremoutha, the sub-bay on the side of Crackington. This wave was so short and strong and stocky, what else could I call it by 'Fat Wave'?

You are purchasing a high-quality print of this oil painting in a limited edition that extends to only 195 pieces, each one individually signed and numbered by hand by Lawrence Dyer. 

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