The Black Rock by Lawrence Dyer: Limited Edition Art Print

The Black Rock by Lawrence Dyer is a limited edition art print limited to 195 in number.

'The Black Rock' is a scene at Widemouth Bay, North Cornwall, a place I visit and paint regularly. This dramatic rock outcrop called the Black Rock dominates the southern end of the bay and gives its name to that end of the beach. As large as a building of several storeys, it remains exposed no matter how high the tide. At low tide the rocky outcrops and reefs around its base are exposed and it is possible with great care to cross the rocks and move around its sandstone skirts.

It is very interesting to me to cross the beach near the Black Rock to catch it at different angles against the cliffs behind. In this way I get some interesting views and compositional effects worth capturing in my art. In this particular print the Rock looks very dark and representative of its 'black' name. However this is largely an effect of light levels and weather, as close up the Black Rock is a light buff-green, as are the surrounding rocks. It is a favourite perch of seagulls, as are most big rocks along this North Cornwall coast, which is why many of these cliff remnants are known as 'Gull Rock'. I'm glad this one has a more distinctive name.

The Black Rock is a well known icon of Widemouth Bay and the surrounding area, known and loved by many, and also gives its name to the nearby Black Rock Cafe. 

Your purchase is of a limited edition print of the seascape painting of this name. The print is a high-quality giclee print printed onto archival paper and mounted in an off-white mount, ready for you to frame. The edition
is limited to 195, each one hand-signed, titled and numbered by the artist himself.

Artist's catalogue no.:LDBR915 

Please note that any web address visible in the image on this page will not appear on your seascape print.

Print Size

Image size: approx 340 mm x 200 mm. Mount size: approx 457 mm x 343 mm ( 18 x 13 1/2 inches ).

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