Waves Below Penkenna Art Print Limited Edition

'Waves Below Penkenna' is a limited edition art print of an oil painting by West Country artist Lawrence Dyer.

I often see some really beautiful waves sweeping in below Penkenna. This probably has to do with the way the Crackington Haven cove funnels the energy of the waves towards the shore, almost creating a kind of bottleneck that makes the waves get bigger and bigger towards the beach. I think Penkenna's beautiful waves also have to do with the reflections they pick up of the cliff itself, as well as the way they contrast with the colour and texture of the cliff.

In this painting I tried to capture some of that beauty as the waves move quickly intp shore, breaking on the reflective blue water before them, their style and movements also influenced by the rocks above and below the water.

You are buying a limited edition art print of a painting by Lawrence Dyer, each print individually numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

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