East Okement River Art Print Limited Edition

'East Okement River, Dartmoor' is a limited edition art print of an oil painting by Lawrence Dyer.

The East Okement River is a wild Dartmoor river that tumbles its way over boulders across the bleak expanses of Dartmoor National Park, passing Blackator Copse on its way down towards the moorland town of Okehampton. As it crosses the farmland on its way to Okehampton's beautiful Simmons Park it is still full of rocks -- rocks which give it much of its character -- but it is now finged along the sides with lush tree-growth. Here the flow begins to slow, and dark, green pools run deeper under the overhanging branches. It is at this stage of its development that I have pictured it, the early evening sunlight filtering through the trees and creating warm spots on the rounded rocks.

For me there is something very special about such rivers, they remind me of my youth, of hot summer's days spent playing by their sides, trying to dam little streams that flowed down into their swell, or trying to step out onto boulders against the thrilling fear of falling in.

You are purchasing a high quality art print of this painting, set into an off-white mount and ready to frame. This is a limited edition print with a cap of only 500 pieces, each one individually numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

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