Sidmouth High Peak Cliff Art Print - Limited Edition

Sidmouth High Peak Cliff is an art print of a painting by Lawrence Dyer.

I find Sidmouth a most pleasant and envigorating place to walk about and select scenes to paint. Its huge beach when the tide is out seems to give the cliffs a distinctive ground to rise from.

In the painting that led to this art print I have pictured the distinctive dome of High Peak Cliff in the distance, emphasising its bluish distance effect for the purposes of the artwork. By placing the pile of rocks in the left foreground I've attempted to create a pleasing composition that leads the eye into the scene and to the subject of the painting.

I also like very much the small cliff off to the left with its warm reddish sandstone crenellations. It contrasts nicely with the distant High Peak Cliff.

You are buying a high quality art print of the painting shown left. Printed onto archival paper and mounted in an offwhite mount, this limited edition print will be individually hand-numbered and signed by the artist. The edition is limited to 195 in number.  

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